Why Tallow?


Health Benefits of 100% Grass Fed Tallow:

Healthy fats are beneficial AND essential when it comes to our overall health, starting at a cellular level.

Not only is grass-fed beef tallow a healthy cooking fat, but it also acts as a topical superfood for the skin!
Tallow contains high concentrations of fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K which are only found in animal products and  have a profound impact on skin and overall health.
Grass-fed tallow also contains vitamin E (four times as much as grain-fed cows!), conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is anti-inflammatory as well as palmitoleic acid which has natural antimicrobial properties.
Vitamin A – Encourages the production of collagen, elastin and healthy skin cells and strengthens tissue to keep skin firm, smooth and youthful while helping to heal skin issues ranging from acne to aging.
Vitamin D – Contributes to skin cell development, repair, metabolism and immune function and protects and rejuvenates skin by protecting against free radicals that cause premature aging.
Vitamin K – Plays an important role in skin tone, texture and overall health and soothes skin inflammation and irritations while helping to speed up the
healing process.
Vitamin E – Powerful antioxidant that repairs and reverses free radical damage and deeply hydrates and promotes healing in skin’s appearance.
Tallow is incredibly effective in improving skin cell health due to the similar makeup it has to human skin. Our cell membranes are made up of mostly fatty acids, with at least 50% being saturated fats. Tallow is also made up of about 50% saturated fats – with the remaining amount being monounsaturated – making it compatible with our cell biology and powerfully nourishing for our
cellular health.
If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, why would you want to put it on your skin?
You’re safe with Tallow Balm!