Hello there, I am Kristin from "The Renegade Bovine"!
I fell in love with Tallow balm and it's healing qualities, after having my daughter in 2018. I use it for everything! From deodorant to diaper rash cream it's versatile and nourishing properties are unlike anything else.

I am in love with plants & herbs, regenerative farming, non-toxic living, primal nutrition, nature therapy and a simple way of life. I love herbal medicine, a non-toxic way of life and foods that not only deeply nourish the human body but heal and sustain.

I strive to immerse myself on the land that surrounds me daily. If this resonates with you, you're in the right place! I create and sell handcrafted tallow products with high quality ingredients. I love supporting my local farms and businesses and strive to use the highest quality products these businesses provide.

I started on my health journey over 6 years ago and have learned so much about how everything connected to our health starts in the gut. I strongly believe that using high quality animal foods and non-toxic products, aid in the healing of our skin and our bodies. There are so many essential nutrients our bodies crave, that aid in our healing, that are only found in animal products. My life has forever been changed.

I whole heartedly believe in the healing power of plants, herbs and use of the whole animal from nose to tail. I love working with nature and am passionate about food, farming and the healing arts. I can’t wait to share some of this with you!

Keep yourself wild,